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Holiday for The Hostile: Book two of The Hostile series

Holiday for The Hostile: Book two of The Hostile series
Holiday for The Hostile, second book of The Hostile series, is probably even stranger than the first. Serena, plus her unusual friend and partner in crime, Tile X, reluctantly find themselves suffering a family holiday inside her eccentric grandfather’s hovel in Ireland. Who will escape intact from their dramatic holiday from Hell? A paranormal thriller with a splash of horror.
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‘Breakfast won’t take a mo,’ Jimmy said, slamming slices of bacon under the grill. ‘We’ll have time for a walk before work too if you like. It’s a shame to waste the first decent weather for weeks. In fact, I fancy taking the morning off. Gramps can take over for a few hours and we can drive somewhere, if you fancy an adventure. He says he’s feeling much better today, so I’m sure he won’t mind looking after the shop for once.’

‘Really? That’d be fun. You sure he’s up to it? I thought he was seriously ill,’ she said.

Serena thought, I’m bound to get into trouble with mum if I shoot off in Jimmy’s car, but I don’t care. Well worth me getting a bollocking for, and it’ll be easier to talk to him privately about what I found in grandad’s shed. Customers could come into the shop at any moment and ruin our important chat if I ask him in here. Besides, he looks such a hunk this morning. That black T-shirt brings out the green of his eye.

‘I’ll run upstairs and ask him if he’ll mind the shop. See you in a tick,’ Jimmy said. A sunny smile spread across his face before he disappeared up the back stairs to the bedrooms.

His smile disappeared as soon as he was out of Serena’s line of vision. He looked in on his grandfather who lay dead in the bed he’d died in several hours previously. Far from feeling much better, Brendan had literally given up the ghost. The cancer had finally done for him and he was now sitting on a bedside chair looking at his own body, wondering what on earth to do next. He’d tried talking to Jimmy but his words had fallen on deaf ears. Brendan knew he must be dead. Although he hated the fact, there was nothing he could do to change it. It had all happened so fast; a shortness of breath and stabbing pain in his chest had afforded him no chance to call for help, not that anyone could have helped him anyway. He was now struggling to adjust to being a ball of confused energy, trying to come to terms with no longer being constrained by body mass and gravity. He’d mistakenly shot upwards into the loft as soon as he’d breathed his last but managed to pass down through the loft’s floorboards and back into his bedroom.

Wish I could close my poor old body’s mouth. I look like a gormless fish lying there, all pale and dead, Brendan had thought.

Fear of leaving his bedroom had prevented the newly transformed Brendan from bumping into Carl, who’d been snooping on Jimmy’s dubious activities earlier that morning. It would probably have been farcical if the two novice spirits had met. Both of their plights were complex enough without that happening.

Jimmy’s plight was not much better. He’d discovered his grandfather dead in bed only an hour before Serena had shown up. He’d been wondering which officials to call to deal with the body when he’d spotted Serena’s hair shining in the sunshine as she limped along the lane. The sight of her glistening, orangey locks had thrown all thoughts of his grandfather out of his mind.

I’ll deal with Gramp’s body later. He’s going nowhere. Right now, there’s too much fun to be had, he’d thought before dashing into his own bedroom to grab the suede-wrapped scalpel and a couple of other essentials. Just in case.

‘Thanks for helping out, Gramps,’ Jimmy called out cheerfully as he walked back downstairs to join Serena.

‘Is he okay holding the fort for a few hours?’ Serena asked, oblivious to the fact the old shopkeeper was now a mere corpse only a few feet above her head.


Having read and enjoyed the first book to this series, I was very much looking forward to reading this second installment.

Again I found this to be an enjoyable and entertaining read and I was pleasantly surprised by the return of a couple of characters from book 1. Never expected that, so it was a interesting development to the story for sure.

It was great to be reacquainted with Serena and her unusual friend and partner in crime, Tile X. I couldn't wait to see what they would get up to next and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I can't say too much without giving away too much, but I did enjoy the element of the ghosts in this story. That was a nice surprise. It was addictive, page-turning material, and I could not put the book down.

I wonder what book 3 will bring, certainly can't wait to find out.

If you like a bit of supernatural weirdness then you should definitely give this series a go.
I have never read anything like this crime/thriller/supernatural book. At first, I was not comprehending what I was reading only because my mind had to wrap around this very clever, unique idea. But once I got into the story, I really enjoyed it. I was surprised by it too, because the story would detour off into a totally different direction than where I thought it would go. There were ghosts, serial killers, investigators, a floozy mother, a grandpa with secrets and a very weird 14-year old girl. Her best friend is Tile X. Who is this Tile X? I don't really know, but he loves to kill people in bizarre ways and in his words: "I'm not Mary Poppins. I'm the anti-Mary Poppins." Only he knows his ultimate, master plan.

Author Joy Mutter does a great job of taking a unique idea and running with it, and putting her ideas into words in a way that readers can understand. Kudos to a well told story. I recommend this story for people who want to get into something different, who believe in ghosts and those who think outside the box. This book will scare you (I chuckled a few times too), and may even make you detour around the tile and carpet area at Home Depot.
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