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His Sacrifice For Love: Clean Read Interracial Billionaire Romance (Love’s Abandon Book 1)

His Sacrifice For Love: Clean Read Interracial Billionaire Romance (Love’s Abandon Book 1)
Maggie is an African American girl, working as a waitress on the private yacht of one of the wealthiest men in the country.

Chase is a savvy businessman who only knows how to make money with investments, buying and selling Real Estate and of course running an illegal casino on his cruiser.

Chase is bored and ready to return to shore when he glimpses the sexy honey complexioned woman meandering through the crowd on the lower deck. He is smitten and would do anything for her attention.

A clandestine meeting with a stranger just after her shift, has Maggie feeling butterflies. She believes the stranger to be a guest on the ship, one she’d served just a few hours ago. However, when her boss, whom she’d never met, summons her for drinks, she isn’t happy. Nevertheless, not wanting to lose her job in the middle of the ocean she accepts, only to realize the man she’d found herself attracted to, is no other than her mysterious boss, Chase McMillan.

His Sacrifice For Love will take you on an emotional roller coaster as Chase does everything to prove his love. One night of passion, a baby and a father who is dead set against having a poor colored girl as daughter-in-law.

Everything comes crashing down as the most eligible bachelor in Florida, takes himself off the market, sacrificing all he has for love.


This romance novel contains no explicit scenes and very mild language. Suitable for ages 16+ and Christians.

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About the Book
Series: Love's Abandon, Book 1
Tags: Blue Bookworm, Traci Sanders
Length: 236
"Je promets," she whispered. "I won't back away this time."

"You promise?" he asked and she nodded. I'm trusting you with my heart.," he said, his voice sultry.

"I promise."

I was intrigued by the cover and theme of this book, as I enjoy reading complex love stories where the characters must overcome dangerous or extensive obstacles to be together.

Maggie and Chase fell deeply in love, and expected to deal with bigotry from society. However, both of their worlds are turned upside down as they fall under attack from someone completely unexpected--Chase's father! Their love is tested time and again as various characters enter their world. Can a white billionaire playboy, who's never had to want for anything in life, find true happiness with a "woman of color" from the streets?

There were some misspellings and loosely constructed sentences; however, the story was engaging enough to keep me invested until the end. Also, I would like to have felt more heat between the characters, especially Maggie and Chase, but they were fairly well developed. This title would garner a higher rating with an extra proofread. Some of the grammar usage indicated that perhaps English isn't the author's primary language, which may explain some of the issues found within. However, I was impressed with the author's honest writing and storytelling ability.

True love knows no bounds in this emotional story that's sprinkled with a few twists and turns and an ending that, though a bit of a cliffhanger, provides a strange sense of satisfaction and closure. Of course, the preview of book 2 at the end makes readers want to find out what happens next with Maggie and Chase. Hopefully, all our questions will be answered in future books. I will be waiting!

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