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Haunted by Her Past – #5: A Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery

Haunted by Her Past – #5: A Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery
Abused and scared, Jena runs away only to be haunted by her abuser.

Paranormal Investigator, Lana Malloy, is faced with the task of helping a domestic abuse victim escape the ghost of her dead ex-boyfriend.

Jena Edwards escapes a bad relationship in Georgia only to be ambushed one night in her new Charleston home. When she's attacked, her only option is to protect herself. Her ex is killed in the struggle. She's beside herself with guilt. What’s more, her now-dead boyfriend is haunting her and he's more abusive now than he was when he was alive.

Demi Lancaster, Charleston's Police Chief, calls in a very pregnant Lana to help with the situation. Knowing Tony will worry if she tries to help in her condition, she tries to help from afar. She soon discovers it’s vital for her to be on the scene—stuck in the middle of an impossible situation.

How can Lana convince a man who was abusive in life to move on so his ex-girlfriend can find the peace of mind she deserves?

"...awesome, a great fun read but with a sweet intensity that kept me turning the page."

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Best Book Bit:

Lana heard a bang and they all turned toward the sound. The front door they’d left open was now closed. Lana grabbed her head between both hands. A heavy sensation formed around her, like a storm raging inside her brain. She managed to squeak, “He’s here.”

Demi grabbed both women and pushed them to a nearby corner. She placed them behind her and protected them with her own body.

The area became a room floating with debris. The already-fragmented furniture smashed against one wall and then another. Demi faced the commotion while keeping Lana and Jena close behind her. “Where’s Lucy?” she asked over her shoulder.

“She’ll be here.”

“Anytime now would be great.”


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