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GummShoes: Mission #1: The Nobbled

GummShoes: Mission #1: The Nobbled
Genres: Children's Chapter Books, Rising Readers, Short reads - 90 minutes or less
Tags: Anita Kovacevic, Gold Bookworm
Length: 120
ASIN: 1530288584
ISBN: 1530288584
Do you know someone who is a scared, teased, isolated, needy kid that everyone rejects? Frankie Gumm and Oliver Mollison do - and they make it their mission to help these kids hold their heads up high. In Mission #1, the GummShoes set out to investigate why the school's top athlete has been prevented from playing in the soccer league matches for three weeks in a row.
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About the Book

Meet the Author:

Erica Gore has certainly become one of my favourite preteen writers. Having read some of her Taya Bayliss books, I was interested in the new Gummshoe series and it certainly does not disappoint.

This will be a review lacking favourite bits and quotes, as Gummshoes is a detective story and spoilers are the last thing I'd want to give you. But have no doubt - kids will love reading this short, intense mystery tale with a positive message. Erica Gore has once again managed to write a clean and fun read, incorporating bullying, family issues, sports and geeks, teenage crush and proper friendship into one. The characters are easy to picture (Olly is my favourite for now) and relate to (Frankie in the library reminds me of some children). Although the language is not too complicated (in fact, perfectly balanced for this age group), the author never underestimates the readers, providing them with dialogue, descriptions, sounds, smells and feelings which will draw them into the story just as effectively as in the Taya Bayliss series (if not better:).

The Perfect Plan in the end brought a huge smile on my face, as a mother and a teacher, and I will definitely be recommending this teen detective story to my friends and students.

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