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GeezWriter How-to Dialogue

GeezWriter How-to Dialogue
GeezWriter How-to: Dialogue: An Author's Guide to Correctly Writing Compelling Story Character Conversations begins with a dialogue-based story about learning dialogue mechanics, a unique way to learn while seeing and getting answers to even the most advanced questions about dialogue structuring and punctuation.

After a detailed practice exercise, savvy authors are challenged to broaden their repertoire of advanced techniques. GeezWriter builds on these skills by deftly exploring myriad approaches for transforming everyday dialogue into compelling story-telling tools, then challenges writers with practice exercises from basic to advanced.

From avoiding amateur mistakes to mastering the traditional methods and many innovative new techniques, writers learn to finesse dialogue that succinctly brings the voices of characters vividly to life.
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About the Book

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Well guys, it's finally happened. I read a book that gets the gold. It would only make sense that it is a book that educates. Stephen Geez has written an entertaining and educational book about how to write and format dialog that is short, sweet, and to the point. The way he teaches with this book is charming and brilliant. If you are having a hard time figuring out dialog rules, this book is something you want to pick up, I promise.
Writing dialogue that’s engaging and compelling, which moves the story forward at an appropriate pace, takes practice and finesse … or one can simply get THIS BOOK!

Everything a writer needs to know about dialogue is found between these pages: punctuation, correct use of attributors, overuse of adverbs, appositives, construction of dialogue (when to start a new line), proper construction and punctuation of internal dialogue. It’s all here, and it’s not preachy or clinical in presentation but rather written in a smooth, comfortable style that’s easy to follow.

One of my favorite quotes in this book is:

Real writers have no choice; with so many stories to tell and reasons to tell them, they cannot help but succumb to some intrinsic compulsion to preserve them in tangible form.

If you struggle with writing dialogue of any type, you need this book.
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