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Fresh Ink Group Short Story Showcase #1

Fresh Ink Group Short Story Showcase #1
Disclaimer: Stephen Geez is NOT the author of this title, nor any short stories found within. These are contest entries that he edited. However, he does have full, non-exclusive publication rights.

Fresh Ink Group showcases 42 compelling prize-winners from its literary and genre short-story contests. Eclectic, daring, subtle, provocative, diverse—this wide-ranging collection by authors from across the USA and around the world transcends the limits of single-theme anthologies to explore the best of many styles and bold new ideas.

Travel through time and space, yearn to escape the Dust Bowl, ache with a wounded soldier’s lover, cringe with a boy who fears the mirror’s face, flee a southern farm’s deadly snake, live the obsession of suicidal love lost, laugh at those foibles of politicians run amok, plot to escape a serial killer’s lair, revel in the seduction of sorcerous charms, warn neighbors away from a malevolent house, face inevitable death on the moon, walk with a dead man seeking the one who did him wrong, find light in a Holocaust child’s heart, lament for desire in a life never lived . . .

Discerning story-lovers are invited to listen for the voices of these newly favorite authors in Fresh Ink Group Short Story Showcase #1. Keep turning the pages to discover what unexpected delights beckon next.
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About the Book
A short story anthology is your very own portable library. There are so many stories and characters to meet, and places to visit. Added to that are all the problems and conflicts to worry over, scary events that make one shudder and heartfelt dreams to reflect on. With Mr. Geez’s short story collection, readers are gifted with 42 such stories.

This collection of stories is not grouped by a theme or genre. Instead, readers are treated to a variety of genres including literary, historical, suspense, crime, regional, romance, fantasy and sci-Fi, horror, humor and more.

The beauty of a short story is that the writer must plunge into the heart of the problems and conflict. Characters, theme, plot, setting- every paragraph, sentence and word counts.

Most stories in this collection are well-crafted and engaging to read. The settings vary. We peek into an abandoned house, a church service in 1922, a train station, a high school reunion and a wilderness camp site.

We meet many memorable characters including fairy tale characters, vampires, a woman driving to a train and woman who discovers a gold colored rock. We get to know an English lady and a young mother in the times of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl.

There are surprises and conflicts, too. Something unusual in a Bible, a discovery on the moon, or two young friends growing up together make us read faster to discover what happens.

As generally happens with anthologies, there are some works in this collection that soar and grab the reader, some are beautiful, others fascinating, several are puzzling and a few are bland. All in all, readers will enjoy opening the gifts of each story in this collection.

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