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Fortunate Monsters Kindle Edition

Fortunate Monsters Kindle Edition
Who knew having a baby could be so darn dangerous? Roslyn and Jacob Kent, members of Hollywood's jet set, had every luxury money could buy except the ability to conceive on their own. Seeking a little elite fertility treatment wasn't supposed to put them at the mercy of a psychopath. Do you have to love your slightly demented kid less because he is a monster genetically engineered by a mad man? Maybe that's just a reason to love him more...

Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer living and working in Los Angeles. When she's not writing screenplays or working for the 25,000+ writers, screenwriters, producers, and performers she supports through weekly events, she enjoys writing the kind of novels and graphic novels she likes to read.

"I think the best science-based thrillers are set just fifteen minutes into the future." -- Nancy Fulton
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