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Finding Their Way Home

Finding Their Way Home
Compelling, thought-provoking, and emotionally bare. This is a collection of poems that will inspire you and touch your soul.

In her debut book, Brenda Baker explores both our humanity and the human experience. Throughout, she introduces a range of characters from all walks of life - inviting the reader into their world to share intimate stories of love, loss, heartache, pain, and joy.
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Paper Lies

Standing here on this busy street,
I don’t know where the hell I’m goin’ –
another fool played by love.

How could I be so blind?
My best friend messin’ up our bed.
How long has it been goin’ on?
Tell me. Was she worth it?

Best friends since high school –
smokin’ our first cigarette
behind old man Brown’s.
Middle fingers signing in the wind.

United by a common enemy,
we stood our ground against the world.
Teenage fantasy takin’ care of the rest.
Our backs turned in rebellion.

They weren’t gettin’ the better of us.
Our pact sealed with two blue hearts.
I trusted you with my darkest thoughts,
and my love for her.

Could you smell my perfume on the pillow
as the birds listened to your lies?
You will never love her like I do.

But you couldn’t resist her beauty –
your back arched in submission.
Tell me –
when did you become one of them?



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