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Fantasy Patch

Fantasy Patch
Picture This!

Danté Roenik creates ad campaigns, reveling in the fine art of rendering his concepts on million-dollar canvasses financed by big-budget clients. Intoxicated by the sheer power of directing public opinion, he dares wage war against the conglomerate behind a worldwide anti-depressant increasingly associated with sporadic violence. To juxtapose his images with reality, he enlists a mixed palette of business tycoons, his fiancée/attorney, a team of corporate-spy soldiers of fortune, one resurgent news anchor, and the best TV-production crew in Chicago.

But the sharp lines dividing perception from truth begin to blur when the darker motives shaping mass media come to light. Forced to re-examine the ethics of designer pharmacology, Danté is painted into a corner, his future about to be erased as patients die, clients lie, and unhealthy doses of murder prove too hard to swallow.

Too late to whitewash the stain of deceit, Danté must decide who deserves to appear in his picture, the true subject an unfinished self-portrait way past its own deadline.

It’s not what you see, not what you get . . .

But all you could ever imagine.

Let Danté show you how . . .

With a Fantasy Patch!
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“Fantasy Patch” by Stephen Geez is well written and displays the author’s fine understanding of the craft of wordsmithing. Full disclosure – I received this book as a prize for attending a blog tour hosted by Mr. Geez.

Fantasy Patch is difficult to characterize into a specific genre. The closest I would say would be a modern sort of high stakes thriller – complete with shadowy corporations bent on profiting from an addictive concoction with hidden side effects. This sort of story has been done many times but Mr Geez manages to put an interesting spin on it with our main protagonist in essence being a ad-man/marketing/PR type who discovers and then is bent on exposing and foiling the corporate malfeasance.

The characters in this work are richly drawn, with personality foibles and quirks that both endear them to the reader and help the story to progress. There is well constructed dialog throughout and the situations are both drawn from life and random enough to be interesting. I did, (with some caveats), enjoy reading this story and with all that said – my review.

Our story opens as we are introduced to Dante’ Roenik, the advertising campaign manager who has the soul of a frustrated artist. Dante’s company represents corporate clients with big bucks, crafting ad campaigns that can make or break their products. One of their latest clients though has a product that is showing distressing side effects. Despite the possible issues the client wants the product promoted, to children!

Dante and his mentor Frank take a stand against this deliberate manipulation and lose their positions as a result. They embark on a mission to expose the fraud and become deeply entangled in a high stakes multimillion dollar conflict where the lines between business and life become hopelessly blurred. The action starts to pick up pace and we are drawn into a deep well of corporate intrigue, conflicting stories, hero’s and antiheros and a developing mystery that weaves thru this exciting tale. In the end it is Dante’s sense of artistry and his purity of soul that guides him through the maelstrom.

As we follow along there are a blizzard of secondary characters brought onstage. A great deal of the dialog and action in this tale is devoted to describing detailed legal, business and financial matters as they pertain to the aforementioned characters and the changes that come into their lives because of them. There are some surprising twists and a good deal of unexplained or at least somewhat mysterious events intertwined in all of their lives. No spoilers but you will be very intrigued, and perhaps puzzled (as I was) by how this story unfolds.

I gave this book a rating of four stars. The plot is just overly detailed and somewhat unbelievable. The brilliant writing is what saves this work, every scene is beautifully described. The dialog is spot on, well-constructed throughout.  This book also loses points is in the somewhat haphazard plotting, the absolute horde of secondary characters and the tumultuous story arc. I enjoy Mr. Geez’s writing style and character descriptions, he is obviously an experienced and talented author and I look forward to other works by his hand.


Submitted by Michael Lynes



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