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Eventually Julie: Julie and Friends (Book 1) Kindle Edition

Eventually Julie: Julie and Friends (Book 1) Kindle Edition
Julie has had enough! At 27, she feels overwhelmed with the ”shoulds” her family pile on her, and an office job that she detests. It doesn’t help that she’s carrying her “baggage of unfinished business” with her, weighing her down even more… making it impossible to see clearly and dig herself out of the rut her life has become.

When she finally decides to take action, a chance encounter presents her with an opportunity to deal with her messy past, so she sets off to Paris to find the answers that can set her free, and live a life full of meaning and passion. Julie loses herself in the sights and smells, and in the beauty of travelling in one of the most romantic cities in the world. She opens her heart to love, and begins to be true to herself… until she discovers a secret that sets her right back to where she began; uncertain about life — about love!

When Julie arrives back home to Sydney, she needs to make some serious decisions, or risk missing out on true love… and finally having the career she always wanted.

Join Julie and her delightful and witty friends on a journey of fun, adventure, and passion. Set in and around Sydney, as well as London and Paris, Eventually Julie is a “finding yourself” romance that deals with being stuck in a rut and eventually finding the right ingredients to live a life that is true.
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She couldn’t see things clearly in the present because her past wasn’t clear.

Julie, a young adult career girl from Sydney, Australia is at crossroads in her life. And she doesn’t want to be. Julie faces issues with her family and sister, she’s lost her office job through a work redundancy, and her love life is tattered. In many ways this is a coming of age story as Julie learns take control of her life. Julie has misunderstood her past. Can she now create what her life eventually should be like?

Author Syrokou writes in a clear and compelling way and her scenes of Paris and London are vivid and dynamic. She has created warm and memorable characters, such as Julie’s university friends from her past, her housemates and her co-workers.

Julie decides to break from her own life with a trip to Europe. Traveling helped her to clarify her vision of herself. She begins to solve her career problems as she takes positive steps to discover her true interests and passions. Julie sees that her love of beauty, as shown in her living area and her clothing is an asset. I enjoyed reading the descriptions of her clothing and house. She felt proud that she was following her heart and not just settling for another office job.

Much of this readable story contains similar gems of advice for mindful living. Julie learns to be true to her own values. “I guess I’ve allowed myself to become the person I thought others expected me to be.”

But her past and present relationships with men prove harder to fix. Julie must learn to grow up and put aside her childish reactions and hurt feelings, which is why I see this book as a coming of age story. Isn’t it silly how people waste time, hiding how they feel from each other?

One of my favorite passages of this book is when Julie receives a gift of a bird figurine resting on a branch. The man who loves her tells her, “Just don’t hold on too tightly to the branch. If it’s too difficult to hold onto it, it may not be the right branch.

Although at times the dialogue was too much, overall I was entranced by this heartfelt story and I recommend this book. I am looking forward to future books in the series.
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