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Could life be more unfair? Nine year old Ellie doesn't think so. With her summer off to a terrible start, she stumbles across a mysterious carved chest in the attic. What she finds inside gives her the power to change her life exactly the way she wants it to be. But it's not long before Ellie learns to be careful what she wishes for — and what she wishes gone.
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Erasable is a perfect story for a young reader. It has the lesson that not everything you wish for should come true. Sometimes we don't realize that we are all an integral part of each other...Ellie learned this the hard way when she used a magic pen and paper to erase certain people from her life. Her life went from ordinary -- two loving parents, an annoying younger brother, going to summer school, and the school bully -- to lonely and not so ordinary when the people in her life were erased.

This magical, thought-provoking story will be read more than once, the first time to cheer Ellie on as she rids herself of annoying people, and the second time to shout, warning her not to do it. Author Linda Yiannakis has a good sense of what makes an enjoyable read for young readers by using age-appropriate words and situations, and short chapters. I can see how this could be a favorite for children who can read on their own, or I can picture parents reading it to them, both learning a lesson about life.

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