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Dogged by Love

Dogged by Love
This is a novella-length title.

Rufus the dog and his owner Edward are the best of friends. They spend their evenings sharing pizzas and cans of beef stew while watching movies. What could be better? When Edward decides to try online dating, Rufus's small, furry world is turned upside down. Gone are the days of lounging and cuddle time! Now it's one undesirable lady after another, coming into their once-peaceful lives. Will Edward ever find love, and if he does, will there still be room in his heart for Rufus?

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About the Book

Tags: Gold Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 66
Rufus the dog spent some time at the dog pound but now he has the best dog life ever!

He lives with his dad and together they like to eat pizza, beef stew and snacks and then cuddle on the couch and watch TV. Yes, his dad must go to work and doesn’t walk very fast in his slippers on outings but Rufus loves his calm, safe life. Edward the dad came to live in America because of a job transfer and he loves his life with Rufus, too!

Rufus the dog tells the “tale” of his life with his dad. Rufus’ simple, sweet, honest POV narration is the heart and soul of this gem.

‘Finally! A night with just my dad and me. It’s like old times. He’s got his sweatpants on and we’re hanging out on the couch together eating fried chicken. We’ve watched four episodes of The Big Bang Theory in a row! It doesn’t get any better than this.”

One night, after the best walk ever because of that dumb squirrel, Rufus spent the evening eating yummy crumbs, curled up on the couch by his dad as Edward fussed with his laptop. Rufus wasn’t too keen on which picture was best, or what Edward should write and Rufus started to snore before his dad hit the “send” key. But then…

“Someone said Yes!”

Rufus learned that dad was excited because someone responded to his online dating profile. Rufus begged for a ham sandwich as usual, without a clue as to how his delightful dog life was about to change when Edward started dating.

“I slept in a sunbeam in the morning and then on the couch all afternoon, which was fine, but now I have to go potty and I’m getting downright depressed. It’s getting dark outside! I’m not sure where my dad is, but I’m getting worried and mad. Today has been a very, very bad day.”

Will dad find a girlfriend? Will there be still be room in Edward’s heart for Rufus? And what about Grandma?

Author Tierney-Bedord’s ability to capture the feelings and thoughts of Rufus and the bond between a dog and his dad is bark-perfect, I mean pitch-perfect. This is a novelette, but the shortness of it seems perfectly attuned to what a dog would write. Rufus like food, walks and his dad.

Edward the dad has a lot in common with his dog. He is also a nice, kind, loveable man. Edward and Rufus are both a little lost and it is a sweet delight to read how they make their lives work. Disney or Pixar- here’s a story for you. I highly recommend this endearing charmer.

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