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Dared: Scandalous Moves Series

Dared: Scandalous Moves Series
Have you ever made a daring move?

Di Jenson is a successful Broadway dancer who makes a bet with bad boy Van Vanzant to dance at Vanz, his exclusive gentlemen’s club. The bet? That Di can make more money with one dance than all the rest of the club’s dancers combined—without taking her clothes off.

Van accepts the bet because he hasn't been able to forget his blind date with Di the year before. He wants to show her he’s more than a guy whose name is synonymous with adult entertainment. Despite the fact that Di is drawn to the bad boy in Van, she knows she can’t respect a guy in his line of business. But when she dances at his club, the bet turns into something neither will soon forget.

Can a bad boy with secrets win the heart of dancer who dares to make a Scandalous Move?

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About the Book
Series: Scandalous Moves, Book 1
Genres: Erotic 18+, Romance, Short reads - 90 minutes or less
Tag: Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 128
ASIN: B01E2XW364
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