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Dallas Fire & Rescue: Bourbon Street Heat (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Dallas Fire & Rescue: Bourbon Street Heat (Kindle Worlds Novella)
Reeling from a recent breakup, Santana flees to New Orleans and the comfort of her best friend. Once there, she's encouraged to explore BDSM, a world she's always fantasized about but has been too afraid to try. She meets Graham and is soon his eager pupil, delving deeper into her role as a sub and reveling in the new, satisfying experiences.

When Michael shows up to rekindle their romance, Santana realizes she still loves him. But there is more at stake now, because Santana knows she has discovered who she really is.

Can Michael accept the new her? Will he agree to a relationship that includes the BDSM world? Or will Santana have to let him go in order to remain true to herself?

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Genres: Romance, Short reads - 90 minutes or less
Tags: Blue Bookworm, Sabrina Norris
Length: 90
Santana's first instinct after breaking up with Michael is to run. She runs to her BFF in New Orleans and while there finally fulfills her deepest desire, to try BDSM. Her BFF Laurel is already a part of the BDSM community and gives her solid advice and finds her a mentor.

This was only my second ever BDSM book, it's never been a genre I truly liked. But, I've fallen in love with Beth Hale's books, so I gave it a try.

I found the book to be very well written with a great story line, well developed characters and a superb HEA.

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