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Curse of the Witch Queen: A War Priests of Andrak Saga

Curse of the Witch Queen: A War Priests of Andrak Saga
The War Priests have defended the world since the dawn of time, but their powers are failing. Lord General Rosca dispatches Brother Quinlan and his apprentice, Donal Sawq, to the mountain fortress lair of the fabled Witch Queen. Their mission is simple: find out why the firstborn sons of every land noble are being kidnapped and what the Witch Queen has to do with it. Their journey will be difficult, from the treacherous floating city of Mistwell to the very of the heart of Calad Reach and the lair of the Witch Queen.

The War Priests of Andrak is an exciting new series by award winning and Amazon bestselling author Christian Warren Freed. Join in this adventure as an entirely new world is revealed. This is the second story in the series, the first (The Purifying Flame) having won 4th place in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest in 2012.
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