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Curse Breaker (Red-Line Book 4)

Curse Breaker (Red-Line Book 4)
A new Red-Line Chapter begins...

Grayson Steele is cursed.

In high school, a friend’s mother blames Grayson Steele for the tragic death of her daughter. Now, years later, Grayson is wealthy and successful, but on the brink of suicide. Because the women he loves are dying. And he can’t stop it.

Gillian Fletcher wants to help.

Knowing about Grayson’s circumstances, she derives a plan. Catch the killer who’s making Grayson Steele’s life a living hell. But there’s only one way to do it. She has to be the bait.

But solving Grayson’s curse could risk everything she holds dear.

As Grayson and Gillian’s plan takes shape, they must not only expose a killer, but also their feelings for each other. The further they go, the more secrets they will reveal. Secrets that will illuminate not just a murderer, but shocking truths that neither may be prepared to face.

Truths that will change their future forever.

About the Book
It is incredibly rare that I find a book so wonderfully done that it's shot to not only the top of my 2016 list, but possibly my all time favorites list.

Curse Breaker by J.T Bishop is everything a good thriller should be. Her writing is phenomenal, and with very few errors. Her characters are whole and contain depth and personality. You feel with them, cringe with them, and get scared for them.

Through this story of saving Grayson from himself, essentially, you never know who is behind the evil. Unfortunately with a lot of these "who-dunnit" plots, the bad guy is easily identifiable. But I had NO idea. Absolutely 0. Even when the revelation was staring me in the face I was questioning whether or not it was real.

I cannot even begin to think of another book that has come close to the perfection that is this novel. So much suspense, so much thrill, and good golly miss molly there's a slight touch of sci-fi that really just puts this story above all else.

This is a must read!

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