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Choice Cuts-A Bite From The Dark Realm

Choice Cuts-A Bite From The Dark Realm
Welcome to the Dark Realm. A delicious realm of darkness where the residents trade in the mundane for choice cuts of fear and dread.

This collection of meaty tidbits will have you screaming for more.

Included in this collection are such juicy titles as:


Deep within the bowels of an ancient convent, Sister Elizabeta is praying for forgiveness while the Council of Elders plan a horrifying punishment for her.


A strange race of carniverous takes up residence in a suburban supermarket.


A deaf woman takes her revenge on a philandering boyfriend.

These and other tales await you in the Dark Realm.

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About the Book

Best Book Bit:

Does your head hurt?”

The figure in front of Jacob was a statuesque woman. He tried to take in as much of her details as his pounding head would allow. She appeared to be in her mid to late twenties. She was slim and curvaceous with long blonde hair that was tucked behind one ear and swept over one side of her face. She gave Jacob a look of motherly concern. Jacob wanted to tell her that his head was indeed thumping, but his tongue wouldn’t cooperate. He nodded.

I’m sorry about that. It’s one of the side effects of the knockout drug I injected you with. It’ll pass soon.”

Jacob realised that whilst he had been lost in his panty fantasy, she must have snuck up on him from the old outhouse building. Jacob tried to speak, but all that emerged was a croak.


He nodded once again.

That’s another side effect. I’ll get you some water, don’t go away.” She giggled at the irony of her statement. She returned a few moments later with a jug of water and a glass.

Now don’t drink this too quickly or you’ll make yourself sick.”

If Jacob could’ve laughed he would have chuckled at the absurdity of it all. Her concern reminded him of the character Annie Wills in the Stephen King novel, Misery. It wasn’t a comforting thought. He wanted to gulp the water down greedily but he knew better. She tipped the glass higher so he could finish its contents.




Tags: Blue Bookworm, Book Trailers, Camille Sloat, Gold Bookworm, Rebecca Paulley
Length: 136
I thought this might be a good book to read for Halloween. It is a collection of short stories.

My favorite short stories in the book would have to be: “Speak No Evil” about a girlfriend seeking revenge on her boyfriend for his infidelity and lying, “How Does Your Garden Grow” is about thieves receiving justice, “Brood Mother” is about a flesh eating parasite and “A Bite From The Dark Realm” is about a group of pixies that hide in the wall.

Some of the stories were a little slow or made me scratch my head a little because I didn’t understand what the author was getting at. There were also a few grammar errors that caught my eye.

I do recommend the book for a quick read but it was not a memorable book for me. As a matter of fact I realized half way through the book that I had read it before.
I really kinda loved all the horrid and gory stories. They all had the perfect amount of blood and intrigue to keep me reading well into the early morning hours. Perfect to keep one up all night.

One my favorites has to be Penance, scary what goes on in a convent. I also had to share the tale of Choice Cuts, the story of a boy just looking for an apprenticeship, with a friend, whose reaction was equal to mine in horror.

A shocking and truly wicked read. For all those who love a story that will keep you up at night.
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