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CAPTIVE: The Story of Reuben in the Hole (DAY ZERO short stories Book 1) Kindle Edition

CAPTIVE: The Story of Reuben in the Hole (DAY ZERO short stories Book 1) Kindle Edition
Reuben has been cast into a sinkhole for the terrible things he did. Which would be bad enough, but he's also Immortal and the ones who put him there have no intention of letting him out. Ever.

They may not even try to take care of him while he's down there. And why should they? He wouldn't. He would toss them and leave... except to maybe return for a bit of torture.

Oh, yes. That's why they imprisoned him. Those naughty, yet delightful, things that he loves to do.

The one positive: they've given him time to plan. And plan he has. Big plans. Wonderful and terrible plans.

And he will get out. Eventually. Eternity is a long, long time.

READERS' FAVORITE editorial review: 4 stars. Captive: The Story of Reuben In The Hole by B.J. Hyman is a creepy short story that freaked me out and left me with goosebumps. Reuben seems to be the epitome of evil and his psychopathic babbling is frightening. He has no remorse, no empathy, nor the ability to feel any kind of sympathy. His objective is to wreak havoc and create pain. Rather than feel regret for the pain he has caused, Reuben formulates more schemes to generate pain and suffering to those he comes in contact with. This is an eerie supernatural short story that is a perfect read for darker Edgar Allan Poe fans.

"BJ Hyman makes you as disoriented as her characters, then pulls it all together with such a great 'Ah-HA' moment that you're glad for the suspense!" ~Leigh McQueen, Author of the Fog Bank Series

In the tradition of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Dean Koontz, and, more historically, Edgar Allan Poe, BJ Hyman writes with touches of pop culture, horror, fantasy, suspense, all wrapped up with a very human story at the very heart of her work. No matter how fantastic the circumstance, the main questions are always who are these people and what makes them react the way they do.
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