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Call Me Razor

Call Me Razor
"Call Me Razor" is an action-thriller about an ex-Navy SEAL who conducts search and rescue missions around the world. Chad Sullivan and his partner, Cassidy Young, encounter challenging situations in Shanghai, Iraq, Moscow, Jefferson City, Missouri, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their masterful use of M16 rifles and nine-millimeter pistols serve them well in many battles. As for romance, there is always time.
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About the Book
This is a fast-paced military, action thriller with a great main character! Chad Sullivan is an ex-Navy SEAL who does covert search and rescue missions for the US government. His partner is Cassidy Young, also a former SEAL.

Chad goes all over the world at a moment’s notice, usually with Cassidy. For one mission, they flew to Yellowstone National Park to investigate who was killing bison and terrorizing the town. Another secret mission was an exciting operation in Iraq and the final mission of the book took place in Moscow. The story features plenty of guns, shooting, and blood.

Chad not only has an exciting career, but his private life is thrilling, too. He becomes involved with several ladies, one of whom gives him the name “Razor.” Chad also struggles with a personal problem.

My reservations about this book are that Razor seems to be written at a YA level, so while this may be appealing to young men, I would think that most adults would find it rather simple. I also felt that the author did not give many details about Navy SEALS or military operations. If you like a strong character, and fast action, I recommend this book.

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