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Beyond the Edge of Dawn

Beyond the Edge of Dawn
The Knights of Gaimos are legendary. The very best warriors in the world. Their kingdom was once among the most revered. Once, but no more. Now Gaimos is destroyed. The remnants of its people scattered across every kingdom. Kavan was one of the last sons to be born into Gaimosian society before the fall. Now kingdomless, he does what every good Knight was made for: he roams Malweir in search of the perfect battle. What he finds, in the dead of winter in the kingdom of Aradain, goes beyond any expectation. Werebeasts and agents of evil lurk in the shadows, quickly preparing the land for the return of the dark gods. For Kavan, it will be a struggle just to stay alive. Half the world away, Pirneon, the former Knight Marshal of Gaimos, languishes under petty jobs. His desires for a rebuilt Gaimos conflict with the morality of being a knight. Pirneon will do anything to reclaim his position and the glory of his fallen kingdom. He secretly covets the title by which the rest of Malweir knows them: Vengeance Knights.
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Kavan knelt beside the body and felt for a pulse. The trail of crimson on the pure white snow suggested the answer, but he still had to check. His perceptive eyes were immediately drawn to the growing blood stain in the middle of the boy’s back. His muscles tensed under his loose-fitting jerkin. Kavan felt rage. Sickness swelled within him. A closer inspection of the corpse showed him what he both knew and dreaded: teeth and claw marks.

It had been the same for the previous four victims. Kavan instinctively glanced about. The gesture was futile; if the beast was still here, Kavan held little doubt it would already have attacked. Still, Kavan let a hand drop to the hilt of his short sword. Even a Gaimosian Knight could be caught unaware and killed. Kavan had no desire to fall into that category.

A cold wind blew across the open field. The tree line was a hundred meters in any direction. The beast had no fear; that much was obvious from the spot of the kill. Loose snow danced across the field, tickling Kavan’s neck and face. Kavan removed a glove and gingerly placed his fingertips in the wound. The blood hadn’t begun to dry yet. He smiled, cruel and wicked. The beast was close.

“I’ve got you,” he whispered to the gathering dusk.

The Gaimosian looked around again, this time for a trail. Snow had been falling for the past few hours, but it was still loose enough for him to just make out a set of prints moving east. Kavan looked up towards the forest edge. He could barely distinguish a thin plume of blue smoke rising into the grey skies. With night falling, he knew his task had just gotten more treacherous. The beast was dangerous enough in daylight. Night made it particularly lethal. Kavan drew his sword and left the body behind. The hunt was on.

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