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Bellamy’s Redemption

Bellamy’s Redemption
"...I was undeniably hooked just a few pages in..."

- Sara Steven, Chick Lit Central

When Bellamy Timberfrost is jilted while proposing on television to Alanna Rutherford, America's heart breaks just as hard as his own. Designer Emma Van Elson can't imagine a guy who is more of a catch than Bellamy. When he is given a second chance at love on his own reality TV show, she jumps at the chance to become a contestant on the show. Soon she finds herself as one of twenty lucky young women competing for Bellamy's heart (and other great prizes!) on a journey around the world.

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About the Book

Tags: Blue Bookworm, Kasey Hamlin
Length: 403
Bellamy's Redemption is about Bellamy who has been rejected on a reality TV show. The show is like The Bachelor. When Emma Van Elson watches Bellamy's on the show, she likes what she sees. So when Bellamy is chosen for his own show to find a wife, she leaves everything behind including Pete, a love interest for her, to join the show.

I love reality TV and it was interesting being a part of the actual show. The other contestants are exactly what you would expect them to be. Emma's inner dialogue and even when she starts talking to herself is comical. It did run slow for me in some parts and then ended abruptly, but still had a great ending.

Holly Tierney- Bedford is a great writer and this book is great for someone who likes reading romantic comedies. I would recommend this book.
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