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. . . Before You Leap (Time Will Tell Book 1)

. . . Before You Leap (Time Will Tell Book 1)
Two teens from two centuries apart, one the direct descendant of the other. Einstein's Theory didn't cover THIS relativity.

Sean Kelly considered himself an average 16-year-old, living in an average neighborhood in a small University town. Nothing too exciting ever happened in Grover's Corners, Missouri; some might even label it boring. His ordinary life was disrupted when a distant relative dropped by at the beginning of his Junior year in high-school. A distant relative from the 23rd Century.

Two 16-year-olds in a time machine. What could possibly go wrong?
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Before You Leap, by Les Lynam is a new approach to time travel. Imagine a visit from a relative, who of course, knows more than you do when you’re sixteen years old. Anything more about that is a spoiler. Mr. Lynam has captured a wonderful array of teen life, not just in the story’s time frame, but I think for teenagers from many generations. His characters are genuine, and universal (literally?). The exchanges in dialogue are a mix of teen angst, sarcasm (well-written and on point), and fun. Before You Leap is the opening book of a series that you will want to follow. Certainly suitable for young readers, and enjoyable for those who want a change of pace. In no way is this a “typical” time travel story. I recommend you find a quiet corner and laugh out loud.

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Tags: Gold Bookworm, Luciana Correa
Length: 318
Before You Leap is an intriguing time travel tale. A science-fiction story with touches of humor and lots of info on science topics related to the plot.

Nothing is as the reader expects--the time machine seems a cheap car with no comfort accessories and together with the food brings the author's notion of the future-bland.

The voyager from the future lands in the present--the reversed idea grants an exciting experience-and tilts Shaun's life from his comfort zone.

Little does he know-she is from the future, his own blood many times removed--and he is her target.

His best friends are an amusing bunch--so easy to relate with the teenage dialogues and interests. I laughed a great deal.

In his school arrives a new girl--cute but confusing, her blunt statements and her eagerness to make friends with Shaun seems off. He doesn't know what to make of her or her family, but he is polite and does his best.

The main character's attempts to have a love life in 1995 reminded me of my own struggles in the dangerous dating realm of my teenage years--Delightful.

Amusing and believable, the moments Sean lives as he tries to date his own descent offers the sweetest touch. I cheered for the blossoming love.

The most unexpected twist began the real questioning.

Before you Leap made me read the last pages three times. It surprised me.

Threading with care, Les Lynam introduces the delicate balance between prejudice and coherence--what we say vs. what we feel.

Not everything we repeat about sexuality and love resist the probing and poking of our feelings.

Wherever we come from--future, present or past--the discovery of who we are is the hardest and most painful trip to any time traveler, and teenagers suffer the most.

Young Adult books are important tools to build the minds and I appreciated the way Les presented the topic. No push or pull to any direction, he offered a view of the suffering involved in taking decisions at such an early age.

Heartfelt and touching, Les chose the safest route--he hinted and let his readers figure out the message.

Before you Leap is intelligent, funny, and the research involved shouts out. Well done. Very Good Reading.

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