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An Odyssey of Love, Nature and Life

An Odyssey of Love, Nature and Life
This book of 40 poems covers the topics of love, nature and life. The names of these poems include Oneness, Being in Love, The Mountains, The Ocean, Music, Dancing, One Snowy Evening, The Coming of Spring, Divorce, Sitting by Yourself, People Watching, Restless Soul, and The Homeless Man. Please have a look and see what you think.
About the Book


The cover of this book is really pretty and colorful. I'm in love with it!

Though I really enjoyed all the poems, my favorites were the one featuring nature. They had a unique essence to them that I loved. The Ocean was one of the most beautiful poems of the lot!

The poems themselves were pretty simple and yet meaningful. I especially loved how each one ended, signifying a particular point. The way I saw it, these poems were stories written with a rhythmic tilt. I had fun reading them!
This short collection of poems makes the perfect read for a lunch hour or a short commute. The author's themes are ones that almost anyone can relate to and he doesn't use complicated verbiage, which some may appreciate. His thoughts on life, death, love, and pain are all broken down into simple yet effective free-verse poems, though I would have liked to see elaboration on some of the topics to offer a deeper emotional connection in the reading experience. That's just my personal taste as a poetry lover.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys short stories or poetry, or someone looking to pass a short waiting period. I read this book in about thirty minutes.
There is bravery in writing poetry. The poet permits his or her eyes to journey into the depths of his or her soul for the words that will stir emotions. The characters in poetry are the everyday: the people, places and things that create the fabric of our existence. The plot in poetry is our honest reactions to the world around us. We are the protagonists in poetry set against this backdrop we call life. What hope do we seek in life? What do we take from our experiences? As importantly, what will we give back to this world?

Vic Tomlinson becomes a masterful connoisseur of the world around him as he assigns truth to his emotions in his powerful collection of poetry titled an "An Odyssey of Love, Nature and Life." This poetry book addresses the themes of love, nature and life in a beautifully descriptive and emotionally satisfying fashion.

There are poems that speak to Oneness, Birds, Music, Dancing, I Hear The Rain, Being in Love, The Mountains, The Ocean, The Stream, A Season of Life, Friends, The Young Mother, Partners, The Quest for Peace, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Clouds, Music, The Homeless Man, Being On Time, Struggles, Persons of Color, Dealing With Depression, The Routines of Life, Even The Faithful, Divorce, Humor To Laughter, Waiting To Be Seen, Sitting By Yourself, People Watching, Meeting New People, Exercise, The Coming Of Spring, Being Visually Impaired, The Disappearing People, Flooding, Southern Things, Sundays, One Snowy Evening, Addicted to Television.

Vic Tomlinson provides readers with an amazing poetic journey through love, nature and life.

Tomlinson doesn't shy away from the difficult or uncomfortable aspects of living. Rather, he views them through the lens of sensitivity and compassion. In doing so, his poetry grows in its power, demands attention, and inspires hope.

There were so many wonderful poems. But if I were to pick my personal favorites, they would be: Persons of Color, Dealing With Depression, The Quest for Peace and Struggles. All of Vic Tomlinson's poems, as I have stated, allow for a slice of life to emerge. All of these poems boast a descriptive elegance. But these particular poems struck an especially powerful emotional chord with me.

In Persons of Color, Tomlinson honestly writes about the challenges that persons of color face in the workplace, adding that "too often, these situations aren't resolved quickly enough."

In Dealing With Depression, Tomlinson "feels" the plight of the person suffering from depression. Thankfully, in this poem, Tomlinson ends with the light of hope.

In The Quest for Peace, Tomlinson cautions against war, but painfully notes that sometimes we may impose our desires upon others when he writes: "Is war not the answer? Sometimes it might be. However, sometimes we try to impose our way upon the life of others, and that may not be the answer either."

In Struggles, Tomlinson notes the various struggles of life, writing: "It seems life is full of struggles, regardless of the phase."

Poetry often searches for its place in the literary world while its creative peers of fiction and non-fiction receive reader interest and passionate discussion. Yet, Tomlinson's poetry requires recognition and discussion. Through Vic Tomlinson's incredible writing, we glimpse his heart. Consequently, neither our hearts nor our eyes are clouded. And that's a good thing.

Life is a continual process of growth and renewal. As Tomlinson writes in his poem I Hear The Rain: "When I awake, the soothing sounds are gone, and life still continues on."

This poetry book was one of the best that I have ever read. I give it my highest recommendation and invite readers to explore the depths offered in each poem.

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