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Time for Honesty

Time for Honesty
Escape to the beautiful world of Solvik. If you're a fan of Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery or Nancy Naigle, you'll most likely love this book!

Welcome to Solvik - a seemingly cozy little town on the Norwegian coast. It's an idyllic place with old, white wooden houses, almost a touch of paradise. However, under the surface lays intrigues, jealousy, and rivalry, threatening to destroy friendships. Emmelin inherits her childhood home and must decide whether to sell it or move back to Solvik. With a husband who can't stand the country life, and no jobs available, the decision seems like an easy one. Confronted with decisions made in her younger days, she now faces deep remorse and indecisiveness. Trying to justify her actions and make things right, Emmelin discovers she's far from the only one withholding the truth and hiding dark secrets and lies.

In the midst of accusations, devious intentions, and new love, can Emmelin forgive and forget her father's betrayal and let go of the family drama from her past? Is she finally ready to embrace the future and trust her second chance at romance and love?

Time for Honesty is the first book in the Solvik series - sweet small-town romances with elements of mystery. All the books in this family series are standalone novels.
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This is a lovely story set in a small, fictional town in Norway. Everything is described so well, from the scenery to all the wonderful food, especially the mouthwatering cakes and biscuits! I loved the characters, they make the reader feel at home right away and part of the story.

The story starts with Emmelin, who is having problems with her husband Leo. He’s a particularly unpleasant man and I waited eagerly for Emmelin to slap him several times, but unfortunately that didn’t happen!

When her mother dies, she tries to take stock of her life and understand what she wants for her future. But she has a secret that she has kept hidden for many years, and now she has to face the consequences and see what her future brings.

This is a well-written, heartwarming story that carries you along in a gentle way as it unravels, perfect for those times when life gets too much and you just want to escape and relax. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Submitted by Helen Pryke

This was a lovely weekend read that came along at the perfect time. I'd been reading a lot of deep psychological nonfiction and I was in the mood for something a bit lighter.

Second-chance romances are among my favorite because of the elements of hope and faith that can be found within. I also liked the names the author came up with for the characters. They seemed to fit their personalities quite well, or how I imagined them in my mind.

There were just enough twists to keep the story from offering lulls, which I appreciated. It's not always easy to do this as an author, especially with second-chance romances. There were no love scenes, which I'm okay with, but it would have been nice to have a little more heat. :-)

A few parts I felt could have been fleshed out a bit - more dialogue and less narration, but it was overall an enjoyable read with natural progression of the relationships and events.

I will be trying some of the cool recipes from the back of the book, as my mouth was watering while reading about these eloquent dishes throughout the book. They sounded fabulous!
I don't normally read this genre but it had enough of a twist that I really enjoyed the story. The author shows her sweet side too with a personal note to her readers telling them a little bit about Norway and the book's setting, the town of Solvik. At the back of the book are some Norwegian recipes from the story that sound delicious.

The story had push and pull of loyalty, love, betrayal, and some some surprises too. I have a feeling that author Mette Barfelt will easily collect a faithful following of sweet romance readers.

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