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Love Seasoned (A Hidden Beauty Novel Book 5)

Love Seasoned (A Hidden Beauty Novel Book 5)
Who says love is only for the young? When Denny Ashley lost his wife to brain cancer, he never imagined he'd get another chance to find someone. That was just fine with him. As a long-haul trucker, he was used to being alone. But, a vivacious florist enters his world and Denny hopes he can do love justice.

Gwendolyn has loved and lost before. She's experienced both heaven and hell when it comes to men. When Denny Ashley starts to turn on the charm, she must decide if she can handle love seasoned by time.

Just as Denny and Gwendolyn are putting their pasts into perspective, Gwendolyn learns she must face something bigger than she has ever encountered. Will Denny be able to facedown his own ghosts and be by her side or should she ask him to after all of the blows he's been dealt?

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About the Book
Tags: Green Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 348
Love Seasoned gives us the story of Denny and Gwendolyn, two well-drawn characters in their golden years. They meet through the marriage of their children and it is love at first sight for Denny. The book begins with Denny telling us, “I’ve been doing an old-fashioned version of courting her for about a year now.”

Over their lives, Denny and Gwendolyn have each experienced sadness. “The past feels so heavy I can barely lift it.”

“Denny, we’ve both been to hell and back.”

Can Gwendolyn learn to love her wild side? Can she and Denny find their happily ever after, even after a health crisis? “We may not be young, but our love has been seasoned by time, experience and a few tears.”

There are reasons why I loved this book. I liked that it featured an older couple. In Denny and Gwendolyn Author Crawford created two complex, likeable characters that readers will bond with. I loved the cover and the little drawings in the book- perfect. There are links to organizations that can help people with their problems. This was a good idea.

And now for what I didn’t like. My biggest problem with this book was that it was written mainly as dialogue. Some of it was clever, or lovely, or sweet. These are two quotes I thought were special:

“I really miss being someone’s soft place to land.”

Gwendolyn enjoys “the happy, contented whistle of a well-loved man.”

But much of it was telling not showing, with long stretches of dialogue explaining information which really interfered with my ability to embrace and sink into the plot. The dialogue also made it confusing; I never figured out who many of the characters were.

Denny liked to plan surprises for Gwendolyn, which at times was adorable but he planned their wedding as a surprise. Gwendolyn thought she was going on a weekend trip and he surprised her with a complete wedding. I thought that was odd and almost abusive.

My last problem may well be a plus for some readers. I felt that there were too many serious problems, illness and disabilities in the book. The characters experienced spouse abuse, child abuse, and three cases of cancer. This overwhelmed me, although I did feel that the author presented helpful and supportive information that many readers might be thankful for.

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