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Boots on the Ground: A Wrestling with Romance Novella

Boots on the Ground: A Wrestling with Romance Novella
As the owner of the world's largest professional wrestling establishment, Lucille Boots doesn't have time for dating. She's too busy keeping her wrestlers happy, getting choke-slammed on national television, and spending time with her college-aged daughter to worry about something as tedious as romance.

When her ex-husband sets out to recapture the empire he helped build, Lucille's life goes from hectic to haywire. The only bright spot she can see is with the ultimate off-limits option: a professional wrestler. Will she break her own rules for love, or will it be business as usual?

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About the Book
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Traci Sanders
Length: 117
This was a fun, quick read for me. Lucille was awesome. I loved how strong yet fragile she was. The author did a great job of developing her character.

Dimitri was a hoot! His character was funny, charming, and quite confident (borderline cocky) but it worked for him. It was hilarious when he first auditioned for Lucille and thought he was going to be an overnight star.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

"So I am hired now? Yes? I am one of Boots' Brigade? I am a Boots' Brigader! Do you have a t-shirt for me? A name badge, too? Or, will a machine scan my eyeball? I love America!"

I cracked up! Then he kept going...

"Will you post a welcome message for me on Facebook and tag me in it? Will I need a sticker for my car now, so I may park in your special spot for stars?"

My only con for this book? There was one curse word within that I particularly detest (just my personal preference), but I could see how the author saw fit to use it for the character. He was a total jerk, so I won't deduct points for that. Although, some readers might.

I judge books by how they make me feel and how well they keep me engaged. This one came across my Kindle at just the right time to offer me a much-needed laugh.

Overall, if you are looking for a funny, witty, light romance to dive into for a short commute, this novella fits the bill. I enjoyed this author's writing style immensely and have added her to my list of favorite authors!

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