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All That the Heart Desires

All That the Heart Desires
At twenty-five, Desire Hart has experienced enough grief for a lifetime.

Changing everything in her life - her identity, her hometown and her country of residence, Desire is determined that nothing will prevent her achieving from finding her missing son. Not even love.

On a spring evening, she meets the golden boy of F1 racing, Lorcan Shore, and finds herself falling for him. Struggling to suppress her feelings, she realises he could help her get closer to the child she believes is her long lost son. But nothing goes according to plan. Her identity is revealed by the press, Lorcan has a terrifying accident, and the trail to her son finishes in another dead end. So Desire does what she does best - she runs away.

Set against the glamorous backdrops of Monaco, Paris and Nice, ‘All That the Heart Desires’ mixes romance and mystery as Desire struggles to come to terms with her past.

Will she learn to accept love into her life again?

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Choosing the Grande Corniche out of Monaco was not something I did on a daily basis. It had its twists and turns and was just too tricky for the newcomers. This time my mind played little tricks on me and, before I knew it, I was halfway up. At least the road was empty.

The appearance I had chosen three years ago was obviously the right one, although Dame was not happy. Every morning, I brushed my hair for so long that it lay flat and obedient. When I went to buy a pair of glasses, the optometrist was surprised when he realised my eyesight was perfect. He was persistent, but so was I, and in the end I left his store with two pairs with plain lenses. Two small changes and my look was quite different.

Suddenly, I spotted the lights of an oncoming car, almost on my side of the road. The driver didn’t appear to be aware of his erratic driving, so I blinked my lights twice. Nothing. The car was still veering over to my side of the road. I slowed right down but that didn’t make any difference. If the driver didn’t spot his mistake soon, a crash was inevitable. I had nowhere to go.

Realising that, I stepped on the brake with all the power that I had in my legs and put my hand automatically on the horn. The oncoming car was just too close, with only a few metres between us. I knew that nothing would save me from the collision and, out of fear, I closed my eyes. All I could do was to wait for the inevitable.

In my mind, I pictured all the horrible details of the collision; broken glass, the metal around me crushed and broken, unbearable pain, darkness. I saw it all.

When I felt my car stop, I slowly opened my eyes. The insufferable sound of the horn could still be heard loud and clear. It took me a few extra seconds to realise that my hand was still firmly on the horn. I lifted it and the dreadful sound stopped. I managed to brush my long hair out of my face.

I looked over the windscreen but could see nothing. Not even the on-coming car. Nothing. Just an empty space and far down below, where the road dropped away, azure sea lit up in another beautiful sunset. It was a beautiful sight and, honestly, I wanted to enjoy it until I realised how close to the edge of a road I was; just a few inches from a sheer drop!

Realising that, I took a deep breath and tried to steady my pounding heart. I was alive and my car was still in one piece.

Suddenly, my door opened and someone or something lifted me out. I closed my eyes. I hadn’t been aware of my seat belt loosening, but I quickly realised I was standing next to a very angry man.

“My God! If you can’t drive, don’t get behind the wheel!” were the first words I heard. I opened my eyes and saw I was standing pretty close to the edge of the precipice. I quickly stepped away. The fall would have been deadly.

His words still rang in my ears and I heard him speaking but wasn’t listening to what he was saying to me. All I could feel was … anger. Almost violent anger.

“I can’t drive?!” I spat out the words. “I CAN’T DRIVE!?”

I was still looking over the edge.

“I would very much like to know which idiot gave YOU a driving licence. Is driving in the middle of the road your daily practice? Do you realise that …?” I heard footsteps coming closer and then … I smelled him. It was almost an indescribable fragrance of perfume and male scent. It was a good smell. I turned around and the rest of the sentence stuck in my throat.

I recognised the ‘idiot’ driver immediately and my accusation wasn’t far from the truth. He WAS accustomed to driving in the middle of the road. He was in black tie attire and not only did he smell good, his appearance made me forget, for a while, what I wanted to say.

My anger helped me conceal the fact that I recognised him. His ego was already sky high without my admiration and he’d already proven what an idiot he was in the way he had spoken to me.

Lorcan Shore. A man I had followed for the last five seasons in Formula 1. From the day he joined the highest class of single-seater auto racing, I had known he had what was needed to succeed in this sport. But nevertheless, who the hell did he think he was? Or, for that matter, where did he think he was? On the racetrack?

“Did you buy your driver’s licence perhaps? With the show like this, I’m almost certain that you did! I almost drove off the road because of you! You were all over the road. Keep your eyes on the road and not … everywhere else. Christ! Can you at least picture in your thick head what would happen to me? I would be dead and gone and for that matter, nothing would happen to you, right? And I can’t drive? ME? Do me a favour and return your driver’s licence. It would be safer for all of us, knowing that you did that!” The words that came out of my mouth didn’t give me any credit. I knew that I was going overboard with the verbal tirade. I criticised his driving skills, something he thought he was the best at. And I enjoyed doing it.

Suddenly I realised that he was silently standing still in front of me. I stopped talking when I looked into his eyes. To be able to do that, I had to raise my head; at six feet four he was the tallest man in the F1 circuit.

A strange feeling went through me. It was like … he was in some sort of trance. Something was not as it was supposed to be. Then I realised:

Of course not. We almost crashed. Certainly nothing is as it’s supposed to be!

My hands clenched as I waited for another verbal attack, but there was none. His grey eyes were calm and he was looking at me as … I was not sure what. I realised we were standing way too close to each other, and for the sake of my heart, I stepped away. Suddenly his hands were on my shoulders.

“Don’t … .” he started to say something, when I interrupted him abruptly.

“Take your hands off me. Now!”

He didn’t move. His eyes reflected the setting sun. He looked so calm that he made me even more furious. Before I was able to remove his hands, he spoke, his voice calm and serious.

“Don’t take another step back. You’ll fall.”

I had completely forgotten where we were. I turned around and looked over my shoulder and saw he was telling the truth. Still, I wanted his hands off me; his touch was burning my skin.

I stepped sideways and his hands finally slipped away. I felt his touch all the way as his hands slid down my arms. I needed to get back my grip on reality. Quickly. I was still extremely angry with him and wanted to tell him once again how much.

“Can I apologise?”

I looked back into his eyes.

“I’m waiting,” was my response.

“Let me introduce myself …” he started, and I knew he felt stupid. And I was wickedly happy with that. Let him be just a little bit humble.

“My name is Lorcan Shore.”

I almost blurted out, ‘I know’, but kept my mouth shut. He offered me his right hand. I realised, watching his eyes that it was unusual for him not to be recognised on the spot.

I took his hand and shook it. As always, my grip was firm, perhaps too strong for a woman, as I was always being reminded by Dame.

I gazed into his face, which was illuminated by the setting sun, my own face in shadow. I didn’t know what to think when I saw surprise in his eyes. Was Dame right? Was my handshake really too strong for a woman? Did it unsettle him?

I dropped his hand and hid mine behind my back. I knew he was waiting for me to introduce myself but I wasn’t about to give him my real name.

“Anna,” I lied.

Genres: Chick lit, Long reads - more than 4 hours, Romance
Tags: Green Bookworm, Kasey Hamlin
Length: 379
Desiree loves making new perfumes and selling them at her perfumery. But she has had a very heartbreaking life. Both her parents died, leaving her to be raised by her older brother. Then, she has a baby and he is kidnapped. Now, she has changed her name and appearance to hide her identity from the people who kidnapped her child. Top all that, Lorcan Shore, her idol and a famous Formula 1 racer, is falling for her.

This book had the beginnings of being great. I thought I was getting a great romance and mystery. You are left a little confused at times. Information is just put in the middle of a sentence or conversation or the story continues without you knowing what's going on. I found out more about Formula 1 than I did about anyone or anything in the book. The mystery is solved at the end, but leaves you with so many questions.

I enjoyed the romance with Lorcan and Desiree. They really liked each other. And she definitely deserved to find someone who loved her after all of her heartbreak. The author's description of the places the characters travel to is so descriptive. She is so good at that.

I loved June Moonbridge's other book. But this was a miss with me. I will definitely still look for more books of hers in the future.

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