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Author: Tessa Kavanagh

Fanpenciltastic: Billy and the Missing Alphabet Adventures

Fanpenciltastic: Billy and the Missing Alphabet Adventures

Billy is not a pencil who wants to write about adventures--he wants to live them!

He gets more than his share, though, when he heads out into the world on a quest to find A's friends B to Z. Where they are, is a mystery, but Billy has to find them before A is moving to a new home.

In a whirlwind of adventures, Billy has to brave raging rivers, fight fires, and deal with giant spiders, liars, and crooks. He will need all the help his new animal friends like Dudley Bug, Miss Eagerdig, Director Daydoze, and Gobble DeGoop can give him.

With only fourteen days to go, it's a race against time.Still, twenty-five letters should be hard to miss. After all, how big can the world be?

Will Billy keep his promise and find the letters in time, or will A lose her friends forever?

Billy wants adventures--and Holy Jotter, does he get them!

FANPENCILTASTIC has everything children will love; adventures, fun, friendship, a fairy tale, jokes, tongue twisters, mystery, and lovable animal characters.

Each of the twenty-six chapters features a fun adventure as we follow Billy the pencil over fields, through forests, into factories, across farm yards, and join his epic quest.

Mark Kelly, National School Principal:

"Fanpenciltastic sparkles with wit and humour, artfully smuggling the learning of words into a beautiful story of a pencil on a quest. Billy the Pencil is a character that children will love, bursting with energy, helping whoever he meets as he journeys through the world. The quality of Tessa's writing is matched by the gorgeous illustrations that stud the story. Very impressive indeed. My nine-year-old loved it."

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Alphabet’s Zoo

Alphabet’s Zoo

A rhyming story full of amazing animal pictures, fun letters, and extra riddles.

The letters of the alphabet are hatching a plan to create a zoo.

But which animal does each letter pick? Who are their favourites?

Beautifully illustrated picture book with fun on every page. More info →
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