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Author: Robert Kimbrell

Vigilante Annie Scarlotte: Anthology: The Complete First Series

Vigilante Annie Scarlotte: Anthology: The Complete First Series

Because Annie has no recollection of her birth parents, her life is full of unknowns. Still, she seems relatively content with her simple existence in Washington, DC. Marcus, her new Italian boyfriend, adds much desired spice to her life despite secrecy about his position at SecureVest. But when Annie becomes mysteriously ill, it is the catalyst for a life far from simple.

Seemingly by luck, Annie discovers that she is maturing into a dhampir (a vampire/human hybrid), and to survive she must feed on fresh human blood. With Marcus fully aware of Annie's predicament, they concoct a scheme: find the evil living among us and act where justice does not.

Vigilante Annie is born.

In trying to adjust to her new life, Annie feels like a stranger in an unfamiliar land. Because Annie yearns to belong, she confides in father-figure Larry. When Annie finds out her friend Elisa works at SecureVest, where Marcus is employed, things unravel beyond control, and forgotten years from Annie's childhood make themselves known piece by piece.

Will Annie be able to satisfy her body's cravings and stay alive?

Who wants to use her for their own agenda?

Can Annie trust Elisa's friends?

Will she ever have the chance to meet her mother?

In the end, will Annie be a slave to those who would use her, or will she have an opportunity for a freedom she has never known?

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