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Author: Justin Smith

The God Virus (Indigo Adventures Book 1)

The God Virus (Indigo Adventures Book 1)

Infected by a DNA-altering virus, Derek and Alessandra develop strange and unnerving superpowers that challenge everything they thought they knew about the world ― allowing them to amass a fortune.

As they fall in love, they battle ruthless criminal mobs bent on harvesting the virus from their brains and intelligence agencies that try to enslave them. More info →
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Eye of a Fly

Eye of a Fly

Short description: Raised by slum-dwelling alcoholics, an autistic teen struggles to complete college and woo a handicapped girl—with bittersweet results.

Longer description: Eye of a Fly is a novel of tragedy and redemption with a cast of characters that includes:

* Ernest Wentworth, a profoundly introverted boy who inhabits a world of mathematics and music. *

Tiffany, his innocent younger sister whose friends practice voodoo.

* Warren, Ernest's talented but learning-disabled younger brother whose suicide triggers the novel's finale.

* Harry, Ernest's father. A former Hollywood screen writer, he has always dreamed of drinking hard, seeing the world, and writing like Hemingway—but only succeeded at the first.

* Annie, a handicapped but radiant girl who draws Ernest out of his shell.


JD Salinger for the New Millenium.

A brutal delight written with the compassion and wisdom of the greats, Eye of a Fly by Justin R Smith is one of my favorite books by a living author.

Written in simple, honest and accessible poetic language, it goes right to the reader’s heart. There is so much more to this story than the description would suggest. A truly beautiful transcendent reading experience cleverly disguised as a sincere and heartfelt urban coming of age tale, it is, in fact a journey into the heart of redemption of the human spirit.

And even being at times a real tear-jerker, the book has humorously slapstick moments which are so rude and outright funny, I nearly s**t my pants laughing. The scene at the butcher’s counter at the corner grocery store is one of those hilariously surreal literary memories that I will doubtless take with me to the grave — and quite probably beyond. Justin Smith with this splendid new book has earned himself a place as the new millennium's answer to JD Salinger. Bravo!

— Jonathan Shaw

Author of Narcisa, Our Lady of Ashes and Scab Vendor. More info →
Ohana: The Indigo Adventures, Book 2

Ohana: The Indigo Adventures, Book 2

The Indigo tribe grows as they hire archaeologists to determine why their homeland of Oz is uninhabited. As they investigate this mystery, they battle evil governments and aliens to establish a presence in multiple universes. More info →
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