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Author: Brian Rough

Bread or Blood

Bread or Blood

Australia. 1866.

He’s thousands of miles from his Irish home and family, and still mourning an unrequited love. James Docherty is a young constable walking the beat in the new colony of Queensland.

Unemployment levels are high. People are becoming more desperate. Violent crime is on the increase, and the formerly mundane life of a beat constable has suddenly become dangerous.

The economy is collapsing, and the banks have already failed. The government is struggling to meet its commitments. The colony’s railway workers haven’t been paid, and no one is listening to them. But they are going to be heard!

And when tensions reach breaking point, James Docherty finds himself unwittingly at the centre of a maelstrom of intrigue, mayhem, and murder. He can choose to be swept along by his circumstances, or he can do something about it. Who needed a quiet life anyway?

This story is a work of historical fiction, merging closely with the actual events of the ‘Bread’ riots that shook Brisbane in September 1866. Fictional characters interweave their way through the lives of those who were there, enabling the past to leap from the pages. More info →
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