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Sarah Northwood

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My name is Sarah Northwood, I’m a wife and a Mum to two children and an Amazon and Goodreads British fiction author.  I enjoy writing stories and poems for children and adults too. Both have unique challenges!

I believe in inspiring children to read through engaging stories and poetry. My children’s poetry book, “Unicorns are real and other cool poems,” is a tasty mixture of fun and contemporary poems.  

Each one is brightly illustrated and themed to the rhyming poem to excite the reader. Rhyming poems are a great way to increase vocabulary and help children predict words when reading. 

“Growing up in a picturesque small town, I was surrounded by animals and a loving family.  I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I was older and I’ve spent most of my working life enjoying a career in science until a new life beckoned.

Now I believe in never growing up!

I am a Wife and Mum to two wonderful girls, who rock my world, they inspire me every day. I enjoy writing for children and adults and in particular, I’m a fan of romance, horror, rhyme, poetry and composing songs. Quite a mix I know!

In addition, I also work part-time at my local school, which I love!

I have a trusty companion, Charlie, who is my King Charles spaniel. Wherever my adventures take me, he is by my side.”

As I mentioned, as well as children’s work, I also enjoy the versatility of writing for Adults (mainly psychological thrillers) and have several versatile novels for you to quell your reading urges with. I’m passionate about my characters and write with the aim of making you think and feel.

All seven of my published works are available on Amazon and are enrolled in kindle unlimited.

I also have a thriving author Facebook fan page and a select group of advanced readers.

To be considered for my ARC team, please sign up to my newsletter, and tell me why you should join!

In my spare time, I am part of a thriving poetry community and enjoy piano composition. 


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Twitter: @northwood_sarah


Author: Sarah Northwood
She’s Not Gone

She’s Not Gone

A gripping psychological thriller with a twist of evil and a slice of the supernatural.

When Daryl charms his way into Katie’s life, sweeping her off her feet, she thinks she’s found the love of her life. Until he cuts her off from her friends and starts to control everything in her life, right down to the food she puts on her plate.

There is a monster inside of Daryl that plays on his insecurities, and the monster is ready to come out and play.

Will Katie make the most important decision of her life before it’s too late?

Who will protect her when she discovers Daryl’s deadly secret?

More info →
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The Volunteer (The Volunteer Duology Book 2)

The Volunteer (The Volunteer Duology Book 2)

It’s so hard trying to keep up with my studies and earn enough money to stay out of debt. At times like this, I wish Mum and Dad were still around, but no amount of wishing will change what’s happened. They are gone, and sooner or later I’m going to have to get used to that. The advert for those volunteer studies looks promising though. They only test the drugs they already know are safe, don’t they? It’s loads of money too, just for a few days. It really could get me out of a hole and maybe it will give me time to think about things, get my head straight.

***UPDATED VERSION*** More info →
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The Unravelling (The Volunteer Duology Book 1)

The Unravelling (The Volunteer Duology Book 1)

A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked till the end.

Jennifer Ranger's life is finally heading in the right direction. Her teaching job gives her the power to make a real difference in her students’ lives, and her relationship with her boyfriend, Greg, is better than ever.

After a long, exhausting day, Jennifer heads out to find the last thing she ever expected under the windshield wiper of her car.

Life quickly starts to unravel and she’s plunged into a world of paranoia and darkness.

Will Jennifer ever emerge from this new life of fear, or will she lose everything?

Out of the ashes, a killer rises....

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