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Saving Detroit

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Saving Detroit: A Challenged Faith Novel

Saving Detroit: A Challenged Faith Novel
Luke Kelso is about to land what he thought was his dream job as crew chief for his dad’s pro-race team, but a celebratory night out with friends turns into a six-month nightmare of abuse after he is drugged and forced into service for a high-end sex trafficking ring.

His rescue and return home to a family that loves him should have given him a safe place to recover and begin rebuilding his life. But when the truth about his family’s involvement in his ordeal is revealed, Luke turns his back on God, his family, and his career, vowing to take down the one who shattered his world forever.

An emotional story of recovery and healing through faith in God, Saving Detroit is a heartbreaking look at the horrors of human trafficking seen through the eyes of a young man fighting a battle against an evil only God can defeat.

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About the Book
Saving Detroit is a story about a topic you don’t hear much about – and probably don’t want to hear much about: Human trafficking.

But Saving Detroit is much more than that. It’s a story about survival and finding the courage to overcome a terrible past. It’s a story of hope.

The author has done a tremendous job with this difficult subject. She could have told many garish details to shock the reader. Instead, she focused on the emotional side; the shame, the humiliation, the hopelessness the young man feels at the hands of his tormentors. And she didn’t stop with his rescue, but wrought the story on into the much more challenging question: How do you live a normal life after going through hell?

The book is touching because the characters are so believable. They are excellently crafted, whether it’s the victim Detroit, the undercover cop who rescues him or the bad guy selling people like candy. What impressed me was the spiritual turmoil added to Detroit’s already difficult situation. How can you keep believing in a God who lets such terrible things happen to you?

The book doesn’t preach, it doesn’t sensationalize the horrors of sexual abuse and it doesn’t point a finger at anyone. It just tells a story, raw and honest.

I can highly recommend this read.
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