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No Pit So Deep (The Cody Musket Story)

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No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story

No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story
"5-Stars! Crisp, on-point, tantalizing, and very, very, entertaining." - Rabia Tanveer, Readers Favorite.


Heart-rending, tragic, funny, inspirational romance thriller. Rev.- no cliffhanger ending.

Cody Musket, professional athlete and former US Marine pilot, rescues sassy reporter Brandi Barnes, a single mom whose editorials have exposed a child trafficking ring. She soon discovers that Cody carries dark military secrets which are destroying him.

What happened after his F/A-18 crashed in the Afghan desert? What events did the generals and politicians hide? How did he get his scars? Cody tries to protect her, but she risks her life to save the only man she has ever loved.

An unforgettable tale of honor, sacrifice and courageous love. Clean historical fiction inspired by real events.
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About the Book



Cody musket is a lieutenant, a survivor who suffers from PTSD after a plane crash in Afghanistan. He lives to scrap himself from the bottom of the barrel of his personal hell. And he does it through baseball, playing as a successful Rookie with a promising future in the game.

The former pilot makes a touchdown when he goes to a movie theater to watch superman and ends up saving the life of a beautiful woman. They are a pair made in heaven and they go through a lot together. It's a good idea to connect the famous ET from Kripton to a flesh and bones and very human man who is a hero but can't see himself as such.

The other references to personalities and characters in the book also fall well into place in the story and it sounds funny many times.

The book is not shy of addressing some serious issues that harass society and after doing so the author offers Christian answers to the difficult problems.

I feel deeply for those hurt and abandoned after they risked their lives for their country. Former Lieutenant Cody Musket found solace and a place of his own but so many don't. Many soldiers become lost souls and find it hard to be part of the society again.

It's a touching story and I pray this effort to call up the attention to those who need help can be effective. I'm glad someone is trying.

A good book.
Some plants take a thousand years to bloom. Others take less than a day.

In many ways, this Christian Fiction book is a fairy tale, All-American hero story, and like most fairy tales, evil is also present and must be defeated.

Cody Musket, Houston Astros star third baseman, and military Medal of Honor hero is a conflicted man. We learn his amazing story of courage through a series of flashbacks. In general, I am not a fan of flashbacks, but the author makes them exciting and realistic, especially the military scenes with the Taliban.

After surviving a horrific challenge in Afghanistan, Cody returns home to America, to pursue his dream of becoming a baseball player. His clothing hid his physical scars, but it was hard for him to hide his mental and spiritual scars.

One evening, after an away game in Pittsburgh, Cody once again happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and saves a young woman from a brutal attack. Brandi is a young journalist investigating a human trafficking ring. As Cody gets to know Brandi and her family, he begins to heal. He told her he trusted God. But did he? If he couldn’t trust God with his past, how could he trust God for a future?

No Pit So Deep has captivating and engaging moments, and real characters who are seeking to triumph. A strong Christian message of love and redemption runs through the story. I had some issues with readability, because there are some sections with too much telling and dialogue, and some of the events seem far-fetched. Also, an exciting episode at the beginning of the book never resolved. However, overall, the important themes of the book shine through and I look forward to reading the second book in the series.

The title of the book is based on a quote from Corrie Ten Boom, the beloved Christian Holocaust hero, “There is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still.”

The title of this book by James Nathaniel Miller ll, No Pit So Deep, captures the complex difficulties of a war veteran suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. However Cody Musket is not the only character suffering from PTSD in this intense romantic thriller. Brandi Barnes is a young single mother whose work as a journalist has put her in danger; danger Cody Musket steps in to rescue her from. None of this is evident at the beginning of the book when Cody, Brandi, and Brandi’s daughter, Knoxi are first introduced. It is many years since the couple met and there are a few references to those early days of their relationship. It is through a deadly occurrence that the story flashes back to the incident that brought Brandi and Cody together; the moment that changed the course of their lives. While Cody has survived the horrors of war, his experiences have left him deeply scarred. Brandi is also wounded by a traumatic life experience. Involved in an abusive relationship, her boyfriend attacks her when she refuses to abort the baby she is carrying. Left with mental and physical scars, she opts to raise Knoxi with the help of her parents.

Cody miraculously survives his physical injuries and becomes a baseball player. Even with his success, he carries the burden of his past. As he is drawn deeper into a romantic relationship with Brandi she becomes aware of his inability to admit his growing feelings for her.

Brandi is a journalist who is exposing human trafficking rings. When she is attacked by three thugs at a local movie theater, Cody steps in, and using his skills he saves her. This is only the first incident where Cody rescues Brandi, her two year old daughter Knoxi, and even Brandi’s parents from the violent attackers. Determined to protect Brandi he convinces her to join him as he travels with his team. The book is well written and has plenty of action as well as clean romance. The relationship between Cody and Brandi develops very quickly and it is sometimes hard to believe. Brandi has a very strong spiritual faith and this is highlighted often throughout the story. Her parents also have an interesting understory that reflects both faith and her mother’s own experience with PTSD.

There are a lot of colorful characters in the book. Cody is certainly the most developed and it is his persona that carries the tale. A warrior wounded physically, mentally, and emotionally, it is impossible not to root for him to overcome his demons and get the girl. His history is told through numerous flashbacks and it is heartbreaking to live his experiences through his eyes.

Brandi’s personality swings between her concern and tenderness toward Cody and her desperate and somewhat selfish need to have him commit to her. Perhaps this is a result of her tragic past, but it makes her a little less sympathetic.

This is a story of miracles; the miracles of survival of body and spirit and the human need to connect with others in spite of painful pasts. It’s apparent the author knows a great deal about war and suffering. He also knows a great deal about baseball as Cody’s career is vividly described throughout.

Since this is the first book in this series it ends somewhat abruptly, leaving the reader hanging with the question, what happens next? There is no return to the incident at the beginning of the book so this is definitely not a standalone story. I would have preferred some reference to the initial occurrence before closing this chapter of the Cody Musket story.

I recommend this to any reader who enjoys a clean romance with a significant amount of action to keep things moving along. It is certainly inspiring, although at times it may seem unbelievable. Overall it is a well written book.
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