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Extra Tools and Promotional Opportunities!

We have a variety of resources on the home page, so be sure to check those out as well as the ones listed below!


Grab this free PDF with 20 tips/tools to help you make the most of being listed with the RRR!
20 success tools


Do you blog? Send us your best blog articles and we might feature them! We choose one to feature each month and we share it everywhere. One great way to get your writing skills and ideas in front of new people.  We’ll feature a new article on the 15th of each month!

Keep this graphic handy to help you remember when to post in the FB group. Get ready to share your freebie deals, your WIPs, and your exciting news to keep your name fresh in the group. 


Be sure to LIKE our FB fan page, as that’s where all our promotions and extra showcases will be featured now. We’ll try to tag you in anything related to your books. We decided to call it RRR Book Treasures!

Feel free to distribute these cheat sheets out to those who you offer free review copies for your books. These are great tools for those who “don’t know what to write” or they are “just not a writer”. 


Display these custom RRR author badges on your social media pages. Feel free to change out your book covers as needed. Below is an empty one and ideas for what you can do with it.  Get creative!


Has your title(s) earned a BLUE or GOLD ranking badge? If so, we’ve posted it on your book pages. As well, you’re welcome to share it anywhere you wish. If you’d like to receive a clean, watermark-free image copy to use for your online marketing, you can order them here:

Digital Seals Request Form


If you’d like a physical sticker copy of your badge – to perhaps use for your paperback books or marketing materials for book signings and other events, you can order these in sheets of 20 for just $12 here:

Sticker Seals Request Form

We’ve run a few Facebook extra promotions so far and they have done quite well, helping authors reach as many as 500+ new viewers. These are genre-based showcases that feature 3-4 titles within the same genre, from multiple authors. This provides more value and options for potential fans. We’re offering these showcases now at the introductory rate of just $20 for a 7-day ad. We handle everything. You simply send in the promo materials you’d like to feature. Only one book per author, although we do offer a link and reference to ALL books by each featured author. Email us at and we’ll work on setting up one for you! We must have at least two other authors participating to run a showcase. If you’d like even more specific ideas on how to build your brand through social media networking, feel free to subscribe to A Word With Traci by clicking the image below. She offers new tips each Thursday 3 P.M. EST via Facebook Live videos, as well as video interviews with authors.